Born on 22 nd March, 1963 in an educated middle class family of farmers in a small village called Edanadu in Alleppey District of Kerala. My village is one of the most beautiful island in Kerala. He is the 2nd last of the 7 children to my parents Mr. M.C. Oommen and Mother Mrs. Thankamma Oommen. Mother passed away in 1991 at the age of 60 and father passed away in 2002 at the age of 85.

He married to Nainu who is also a Lawyer. She was also a lecturer in Vartak College of Vasai. They are blessed with two sons. Elder son Deepit is now perusing management studies in Canada. Younger son Akash is perusing 4th year Mechanical Engineering in Canada.

Parents, teachers and other siblings were great inspiration in education. Completed primary education from Government School and High School education from Metropolitan High School, Puthencavu, Alleppey District of Kerala. While in the school took keen interest in sports and games. He was part of the school team in basketball, football and volleyball. Also participated in NCC and Scout.

Secured B-com degree from Kerala University and came to Mumbai in 1983 in search of job. He was always fascinated with the legal profession and wanted to study LLB. But self-respect did not permit him asking money from parents. Therefore started doing odd jobs in various organisations and
started LLB in Siddharth College of Law. Evening lectures attended after office hours. While in Siddharth College of Law, took active interest in the cultural and other activities in the College and Completed L.L.B in 1987.

Adv. Sajan Oommen got training at the instance of the Hon’ble High Court in Mediation. Conducted several mediations and settled many complex cases.

During 2014-2015 completed the challenge examinations conducted by the Federal Law Society of Canada and obtained the qualification to become a Lawyer in Canada.

Enrolled as Advocate with the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa in September 1988.
Practices in Family Court, Mumbai and Bombay High Court.
Trained as mediator having solved several complicated cases.
Part time lecturer in Siddharth College of Law during 1989 till 1999.

1. Created Air conditional cafeteria with subsidized food for Lawyers, Judges & Staff.
2. Initiated serving buffet lunch in the Bar Room for Lawyers
3. Created Air Conditional E-Library with 10 Monitors – All Journals are available since 1951.
4. Computerised the Bar Association records.
5. Updated the library with latest books & Journals.
6. Took initiative in renovation of children complex and made it children friendly as per direction of High Court.
7. Created in-house stamp vending office in the court.
8. Allotted lockers for all lawyers who applied for.
9. Took active participation in the planning and commencing of new Family Court building and the work is now commenced.
10. Organized Health Camp, Blood Donation Camp and Organ Donation Camp.
11. Organized Welfare and Recreational Programs for Lawyers.
12. Regular meetings were held with Authorities to resolve the problem faced by lawyers and The Judiciary.
13. Provided support to Junior Advocates to develop their practice.
14. Conducted lectures in the Continuous Legal Education programme organised by the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa.
15. Organised more than 40 lectures in the Family Court for the Lawyers.
16. Actively participated in various activities of the Mumbai Suburban Advocates Association.
17. When the draconian amendment to the Advocates Act was proposed by the Law Commission of India which was adverse to the interest of the Lawyers, I have organised protest meetings and done signature campaigning against such amendments.
18. Vice President of Family Court Bar Association during 2006-2008.
19. Secretary of Family Court Bar Association during 2008 – 2010.
20. President of the Family Court Bar Association during 2010- 2014.
21. President of the Family Court Bar Association during 2016 – till date.
22. Member of the mediation monitoring committee of Family Court, Mumbai.
23. Appointed as Senior Counsel for Union of India in the Hon’ble Bombay High Court.
24. Selected as the Co-opted member of the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa in 2010 for 5 years.
25. Felicitated by the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa for contributions in continuous learning program.

Thoughts :
Friends, Lawyering and Serving the legal fraternity is My Passion. I have contributed for the welfare and interest of the Lawyers and the institution of judiciary in the best possible way. Legal Profession is a noble profession and it is necessary to uphold its dignity, integrity and reputation. I have a vision to make our Lawyers more competitive and efficient and also to improve their working conditions in court.

I have been serving the legal fraternity for the last several years selflessly. I can do much better if I am a part of the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa.
Kindly elect me by giving FIRST PREFERNECE VOTE.


Why I should be elected as a member.
1. I am an Advocate since last 3 decades and have established practice with honesty and integrity.
2. I am committed to my profession and the legal fraternity.
3. I am easily accessible to Lawyers and always enjoyed serving them than being served
4. I have abundant experience and expertise in professionally managing Family Court Bar Association since 2006 till date.
5. I have the experience and expertise in organising various welfare programmes for the Lawyers.
6. I know the needs of Lawyers and I can reach out to them whenever they need my help.
7. I have the track record of successfully serving legal fraternity.
8. I have a clean background and image in the legal profession and my honesty and integrity is unquestionable.
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